New Zealand Marine Science Society

Documents of Public Statement or Release

NZMSS submission to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on new global biodiversity targets March 2019

NZMSS submission to Fisheries New Zealand on ‘Your fisheries your say’ on proposed changes to the management of New Zealand’s fisheries March 2019

NZMSS Submission on New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy February 2019

NZMSS Submission on Proposed review of the CRA2 rock lobster fishery December 2018

Submission on summary of the Draft Convention on
Biological Diversity National Report

NZMSS Submission on summary of the Draft Convention on Biological Diversity National Report November 2018

Concerns of the NZMSS over potential impacts of restructuring on natural environment collections Aug 2018

NZMSS submission on proposed NES marine aquaculture Aug 2017

NZMSS submission on Future of our Fisheries Dec 2016

NZMSS submission on South East Marine Protection Forum Dec 2016

NZMSS submission on Conservation and Enivronmental Science Roadmap Discussion Paper September 2016

NZMSS submission on Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary Bill April 2016

NZMSS submission on MPA Consultation March 2016

NZMSS submission on NPS-FM  August 2014

NZMSS submission Kaikoura Marine Management Bill  August 2014

NZMSS submission EEZ regulations  August 2014

NZMSS Submission on MBIE’s draft National Statement of Science Sept 2014  August 2014

Environmental Reporting Bill NZMSS submission  August 2014

NZMSS letter to Te Papa regarding collections  July 2013

NZMSS covering letter for submissions on Conservation Management Strategy Mar 2013

Northland Conservation Management Strategy submission Mar 2013

Auckland Conservation Management Strategy submission Mar 2013

Waikato Conservation Management Strategy submission Mar 2013

NZMSS submission on Subantarctic Islands Marine Reserves Bill Feb 2013

NZMSS Submission Maui's dolphin threat management plan Nov 2012

NZMSS Submission on Punakaiki and Gorge MPA proposals Aug 2012

NZMSS Submission on West Coast South Island Marine Reserve Applications Aug 2012

Proposed Ministry of Business, Science and Innovation - Letter to S Joyce  May 2012

Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura Dec 2011

Measuring Up: Environmental Reporting-a discussion document Oct 2011

Environmental effects in the EEZ Legislation Letter June 2011

Seabird Bycatch Management Policy Submission June 2011

Proposed Regional Plan for the Kermadec and Subantarctic Islands submission March 2011

Introduction of Macrocystis pyrifera into the Quota Management System submission Oct 2010

Akaroa Harbour Reserve Application- Letter to Hon Kate Wilkinson, Oct 2010

Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Letter of Support, Sept 2010

Ocean Survey 2020, Letter to John Key, Sept 2010

Otago Harbour Dredging Submission, Aug 2010

Introduction of Macrocystis pyrifera (KBB) into the Quota Management System Submission, Sept 2009

Subantarctic Marine Protection submission July 2009 

Ocean Survey 2020- Letter to Hon Nick Smith, March 2009

New Zealand Coastal Policy Submission, May 2008

Bay of Plenty Conservation Management Strategy May 2008

Wellington Marine Centre Submission June 2006