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The council welcomes comments and suggestions from the membership at large!

If you have an issue the society should address please write to one of the council members. The council meets monthly via teleconference. Agenda submissions may be made by emailing the secretary.

Please direct general inquiries to

Please direct all membership inquiries to

For further information, read the NZMSS Rules.

Council Officers

Dr. Nick Shears – President
University of Auckland |

Kathy Walls – Vice President

Dr. Hannah Jones – Treasurer
Waikato Regional Council

Dana Clark – Secretary
Cawthron Institute |

Council Members

Dr. Hilke Giles – Immediate Past President
Pisces Consulting

Dr. Rob Major – Treasurer in training 

Dr. Holly Bennett – Secretary in training 

Anna Madarasz-Smith – Membership Liaison
Hawkes’ Bay Regional Council |

Dr. Will Rayment
University of Otago

Dr. Emma Newcombe
Cawthron Institute

Prof. Liz Slooten
University of Otago

Prof. Islay Marsden
University of Canterbury

Dr. Ani Murchie

Student Representatives

Sam Thomas – Website Coordinator; Student Representative
University of Otago

Vera Rullens – Membership Secretary; Student Representative
University of Waikato

Leena Riekkola
University of Auckland