Conference Prizes, 2016 – Wellington

Conference Prizes are awarded for outstanding student presentations during the NZMSS annual conference


Best Overall Student Talks


Sponsored by: NIWA

Lindsay Wickman – University of Otago

“Decreasing mark rate affects the precision of estimates of survival rate in Hector’s dolphins”


Sponsored by: Cawthron Institute

Melissa Marquez – Victora University of Wellington

“Habitat use throughout a Chondrichthyans life”

Best Student Posters


Sponsored by: Victoria University of Wellington

Susan Wells – University of Otago

“Changes to Austrovenus stutchburyi growth rate since early human settlement in Otago, New Zealand: an indication of the extent of human impact on estuarine health”


Sponsored by: NZLMFR

Willemein de Kock – University of Waikato

“Flowering patterns for seagrass in Raglan Harbour”

Best Student Presentations - Special Topic


Sponsored by: Plant and Food Research

Jared Kibele – University of Auckland

“Low cost subtidal habitat mapping of temperate reefs with multispectral satellite imagery”

Use of Quantitative Methodology

Sponsored by: MPI

Eliza Oldach – University of Canterbury

“Habitat Cascade: An overlooked process maintaining biodiversity in New Zealand estuaries”

Applied Environmental Science

Sponsored by: Coastal Special Interest Group

Stine Sorensen – University of Waikato

“Seagrass (Zostera muelleri) vulnerability and resilience: The threat of sediment burial”


Sponsored by: Zebra Tech

Tom Brough – University of Otago

“Nearshore habitat use by Hector’s dolphins at Banks Peninsula: a comparison of visual and acoustic methods”

Marine Protected Areas

Sponsored by: Department of Conservation

Alix Laferriere – Victoria University of Wellington

“Linking Physical and Biogenic Habitats to Reveal Kapiti Island’s Submarine Landscape”

Aquaculture Research

Sponsored by: NZMSS

Paul South – University of Auckland, Cawthron Institute

“Time to settle down: can co-seeding adult and juvenile Perna canaliculus promote their retention during the early aquaculture production cycle?”