Conference Prizes, 2019 – Dunedin

Conference Prizes are awarded for outstanding student presentations during the NZMSS annual conference

Best Overall Student Talks


Sponsored by: the Auckland Museum

Ashley Flood – University of Auckland

“Gut instinct: feeding eco-physiology of the spiny lobster, Jasus edwardsii


Sponsored by: the Auckland Museum

Isla Twigg – University of Otago

“Propagating a cellular stress into the environment: revealing hydrogen peroxide as an external stressor in coastal ecosystems”

Best Student Poster

Sponsored by: the Auckland Museum

Gustav Kessel – Victoria University

“Deadman’s fingers point to new species of endemic octocorals”

Best Student Presentations - Special Topic

Conservation Biology

Sponsored by: the Society for Conservation Biology

Matthew Bennion – University of Waikato

“Disease in a threatened NZ surf clam”

Use of Quantitative Methodology (Talk)

Sponsored by: MPI Fisheries

Michelle Marraffini – University of Canterbury

“Quantifying species interactions and coexistence in marine fouling communities”

Use of Quantitative Methodology (Poster)

Sponsored by: MPI Fisheries

Wayne Dillon – University of Otago

“Monitoring calcium carbonate stability: development of a deployable detection system”

Marine Biosecurity

Sponsored by: MPI Biosecurity

Hayley Nessia – University of Auckland

“Invasion of the Japanese Mantis shrimp in NZ”

Research in Marine Protected Areas

Sponsored by: Department of Conservation

Henry (Harry) Allard – University of Auckland

“The varied effects of protection on reef fish assemblages in three NZ marine reserves”

Marine Ecology

Sponsored by: Boffa Miskell

Spencer Virgin – University of Canterbury

“Managed realignment in the upper Bay of Fundy, Canada: community dynamics during salt marsh restoration”


Scientific Diving Award

Sponsored by: University of Auckland

Ohad Peleg – University of Auckland

“Assessing changes in health of shallow urban reef ecosystems: results from 12 years of monitoring”


University of Waikato

This prize is awarded to the university that achieved the highest average score across all of their student presentations/posters